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About Us

Your Impact

During the 2019/20 school year, Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative ran 42 programs in 30 locations reaching over 1,300 children and youth in Surrey, Delta, Vancouver and Chilliwack, BC. Additionally, we connected with over 1,500 children, youth and community members through our educational presentations.

With the support of generous donors, all of our programs are free to participants and schools to ensure that any young person that wants to be involved is able to.

Meet Balraj

"Yo Bro has helped me improve so much, I make better decisions now. I used to sit around and play video games all day. Now I don’t see the point in that.”

Meet dacious

"If immigrant and refugee youth don’t get connected to the community quickly, they find themselves following people they shouldn’t...It easily could’ve been me.”

Meet Harneet

I can’t imagine life without Yo Bro | Yo Girl - it’s family.

Meet Billy

"There’s a lot of potentials that was lost. And It was all because when these guys were teenagers, there were people who influenced them very negatively."

Meet Paul

"When they are here at YBYG wrestling, they know they are in a safe zone and that they have a brighter future ahead and family they can rely on. Because that’s what YBYG is - it’s a family.”

Meet Wahiba

"One of my favourite parts of YBYG is having so many friends there who are a few years ahead of me in life. Their advice is so important to me - it gives me perspective and support that I wouldn’t find elsewhere."

Meet Jer, RC & AJ

“I knew at a certain point that if I wanted a future I was going to have to change. I found a way to make that change through Yo Bro.”

Meet Willy

"I wanted to believe I could be more than a ghetto kid. Through Yo Bro, I started to gain confidence, talked more and felt better about myself in general.”

Meet Pac

"Joe has shown me what it means to be a man; one who is connected to his community, provides for his family and who doesn’t give up on those that he loves."