Yo Bro | Yo Girl Mentors

Yo Bro | Yo Girl is built on the principle that equipping people with lived-experience to connect with at-risk youth is be the best way to effect change.

Whether it’s an ex-Hells Angel or a teenager that was reached just as she started heading down the wrong track, we know that kids listen to those who truly understand what they’re going through.

Yo Bro | Yo Girl Mentors are senior members of our organization who have personally been impacted by our programs as participants. Today, these YBYG Alumni co-present workshops, lead after-school programs, and connect with at-risk youth to ensure that there’s always someone around who knows exactly how they feel.


There are three categories of YBYG Mentors:

  • - Youth Leaders are volunteer peer-to-peer mentors
  • - Program Assistants are YBYG graduates who are paid to support program delivery in schools
  • - Program Facilitators are paid staff who have leadership roles in program delivery
Yo Bro | Yo Girl allowed me to find my purpose and put my efforts toward something bigger than myself.
— Bhupinder, YBYG Youth Leader + Program Assistant

You can keep our communities’ most vulnerable youth off the streets, out of gangs and connected to their friends, families and schools.

Join us and turn risk into resilience today.