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Terms and Conditions


Your child has been invited to attend a program offered by Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative (YBYG) at the Newton Recreational Center in Surrey, BC. The program tentatively runs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

YBYG is an extra-curricular program for youth in partnership with the Surrey School District and is offered to youth at no cost. Participation in a YBYG program is an exciting opportunity to connect with peers, participate in some physical activity and confidence-building activities, and develop leadership skills.

YBYG provides a pro-social, recreational-based program to enable youth to make safe and healthy choices, develop personal competencies, and strengthen their commitment to their education and community. Additionally, the program offers community connectedness, mentorship, and role modeling opportunities. More information about YBYG can be found online at http://ybyg.ca.

YBYG Staff will supervise and run the program. Snacks will be provided, and parents should indicate food restrictions and/or allergies on the consent form. Registration must be completed before your child can participate in the program.

If you have any questions, please contact Paul Sahota (YBYG Program Manager) at 778.549.7811

Please note:  Space is limited and registration will be accepted on a first come first serve opportunity and a waitlist will be maintained.




Accidents can result when youth participate in activities and can occur with or without any fault on either the part of the participant, School or its employees or agents, or the facility where the activity is taking place.  By allowing my child (the Youth) to participate in the Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative (YBYG) Program (Program), I, the Parent/Guardian (s) am (are) accepting the risk of an accident occurring, and agree that the Program, is suitable for my child.


By signing the Consent, I, the PARENT/GUARDIAN confirm that I:

  1. have read and agree that the Program and activities are appropriate for the Youth and hereby provide consent for the Youth to participate in the activities;
  2. hereby agree that the Youth will not attend the Program or related activities if he/she/they are ill or feeling unwell, and is medically fit to participate in the Program and related activities;
  3. hereby give my permission for the Youth to consume drink and food items provided during the Program and related activities;
  4. hereby waive any and all legal rights that I may have now or in the future and release from liability and agree not to sue YBYG for any loss or damage that I may suffer as a result of the Youth’s participation in the Program and related activities; and hereby recognize that releasing YBYG from liability prevents me from claiming for money from YBYG;
  5. have discussed with the Youth my expectations, YBYG’s expectations, and the risks and consequences if he/she/they does (do) not follow guidelines stated by the YBYG staff, and that I accept and assume all these risks and the consequences and freely choose to permit the Youth to participate in the Program and related activities regardless;
  6. understand it is my right to obtain as much information as required about the Program and activities and associated risks and hazards, including information beyond that provided to by the school or program;
  7. recognize that YBYG may wish to promote my child’s positive interactions, accomplishments, photographs, and video on YBYG’s media, including without limitation, the YBYG website, emails, social media, and printed or digital promotional materials (“YBYG Media”);
  8. acknowledge that YBYG and the School District consents and written communication will be stored and shared between YBYG and the School District in an online repository. Once participants such as my child are in the Program, communications will be conducted via phone, other online platforms or in person;
  9. acknowledge that YBYG preserves the confidentiality of youth and families except when required by law, continuity of care, or the child’s and family’s safety.