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About Us

Team Yo Bro | Yo Girl 

Team Yo Bro | Yo Girl is an after-school, activity program offered once a week throughout the school year at schools and community centres across the Lower Mainland.

Led by our trained program facilitators, exercises are carefully selected to develop physical and mental strength, flexibility, agility, and relaxation. Students also learn a specific set of martial art skills – typically a combination of judo, jiu jitsu, qi gong, and tae kwon do.

Through their participation, youth develop physical fitness and personal safety skills. Students also have the opportunity to engage in team‐building exercises to build peer connections, acceptance, and confidence.

“I want to see all these kids be successful. Whether it’s athletically, academically, career-wise—it doesn’t matter to me. I just want them to do well. The fact that I can help guide them to do well, that’s the thing I absolutely love about this job.
— Billy Sahota, YBYG Program Coordinator

You can keep our communities’ most vulnerable youth off the streets, out of gangs and connected to their friends, families and schools.

Join us and turn risk into resilience today.