About Us

Know Means No 

Know Means No is an in-school, girls-only education program that helps youth understand more about what healthy relationships look like. Taught by Yo Bro | Yo Girl mentors and law enforcement volunteers, young women learn about the different kinds of relationships that exist in the world, the factors that put them at risk in relationships, as well as how to build healthy and respectful relationships that have boundaries.

Through a combination of hands-on workshops for students in everything from violence prevention to self-defense, students learn how to identify risky relationships as well as how to maintain boundaries, control emotions, project confidence and de-escalate tense situations.

“Know means No is a program that will forever stay with me, whether it be through all the empowering learning points or the healthy and lasting relationships I have developed with mentors and peers. A big part of why this program was such a success in my eyes, is the raw and untailored environment created by the Program Facilitators which brought forth such a genuine feeling that it almost felt wrong not to be as engaged and absorbed in the program as much as I was. It has really helped me recognize and solidify my own limits and boundaries. This program has also equipped me with the tools necessary to set, as well as enforce, these boundaries that I have established. Having these tools ingrained in me has brought forth a confidence in me that shines through in everything that I do.
— Harneet, Participant in Know Means No

You can keep our communities’ most vulnerable youth off the streets, out of gangs and connected to their friends, families and schools.

Join us and turn risk into resilience today.