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About Us

Keep it Real School Presentations

Keep it Real is Yo Bro | Yo Girl’s program with the widest annual reach. These educational presentations are given by ex-gang members, recovering addicts, law enforcement officers, current program participants, and Yo Bro | Yo Girl alumni, to bring awareness of drug and gang issues facing youth today.

During the 2018/19 school year, Keep it Real reached 1,545 children, youth, parents, educators and community members.

“The biggest impact Yo Bro | Yo Girl has had on my students are the real-life lessons people like Joe share surrounding drugs, alcohol and gang violence. Through these presentations, students have been armed with strategies to overcome these future hurdles resulting in a sense of confidence and lowered anxiety surrounding peer pressure as they transition into Grade 8.
— Justin Borsato, Grade 7 Teacher at Britannia Elementary School in Vancouver

You can keep our communities’ most vulnerable youth off the streets, out of gangs and connected to their friends, families and schools.

Join us and turn risk into resilience today.