About Us

Our Programs

Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative’s eight programs are delivered in the classroom, after school and during school breaks. Our programs are curriculum-driven and designed to meet the Ministry of Education’s Learning Outcomes. They nurture skills, attitudes and beliefs that help young people face life’s challenges with confidence.

Through collaborative relationships with the School Districts in Surrey, Chilliwack and Vancouver, we reach over a thousand youth each year.

With the support of our generous donors, all of our programs are free to participants and schools to ensure that any young person that wants to be involved is able to.

Keep It Real

In-school educational presentations that bring awareness of current drug and gang issues facing youth today. 

Team Yo Bro | Yo Girl

After-school, activity program designed to develop physical fitness and personal safety skills to give youth the confidence to make safe and healthy choices.

Know Is No

In-school, girls-only education program that helps youth understand more about what healthy relationships look like.

Respectful Relationships

In-school, co-ed violence awareness and prevention program that addresses the culture of violence and equips young people with skills in boundary setting, assertiveness, safety planning, and emotional self-control.

Foundations For Leadership

Workshops that build confidence and empowers youth on topics like personal vision and values, mindfulness, communication and resiliency. Many of the program’s alumni go on to be YBYG Youth Leaders, Program Assistants, or Program Facilitators.

Yo Bro | Yo Girl Mentors

Our mentors are senior members of our organization who have personally been impacted by our programs as participants who go on to co-present workshops, lead after school programs, and connect with at-risk youth.

Spring, Summer & Winter Break Programs

School break programs that support youth during times of the year when they have endless amounts of time on their hands and very little supervision. Activities include a variety of exercises to develop physical and mental strength, flexibility and relaxation. 

During the 2018/19 school year, we ran 42 programs in 30 locations reaching over 1,333 children and youth. Additionally, we connected with over 1,545 children, youth and community members through our educational presentations.