The purpose of Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth Initiative is to keep kids safe, in school, and positively connected to their communities. 


Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth Initiative believes that every youth has innate resilience. By creating caring relationships, opportunities to participate and contribute, and holding positive and high expectations, we believe all youth have the power to transform and change their lives to achieve their potential.


Our Mission

To engage at-risk youth in their schools and communities so they attain the skills and values necessary to realize their educational and career potential and contribute to the safety and well-being of their communities.


Our Vision

Yo Bro and Yo Girl youth are motivated and equipped with tools and resiliency to avoid drugs and violence, pursue education, and set positive goals for the future. They serve as ambassadors, living examples of how our programs transform youth from at-risk to capable, confident, and respected contributing members of society.