Expanded early intervention support for Surrey youth

“The City of Surrey understands how programs like Yo Bro | Yo Girl can be the catalyst for kids to find a whole new path and that is central to our new approach under the Public Safety Strategy," - Mayor Linda Hepner


The value of early intervention programs was made clear by a former member of the Yo Bro | Yo Girl program. As a teenager in the 10th grade, Ary Azez saw many of his friends going down the path of drugs and gangs, which he knew he didn’t want any part of. Ary went from being a participant in the program to becoming its current Program Facilitator. He is now in his second year of university studying engineering.

“When I got in involved in Yo Bro | Yo Girl it really struck a chord with me, and I saw how I could channel my energy into something more positive” said Ary. “I finally found out how I could surround myself with good influences and to move positively forward”