Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth Initiative supports some of the most at-risk, vulnerable, and street-entrenched youth in our communities.  Through participation in our programs, ongoing mentorship and one-to-one support, our youth experience life-changing impact every day. 


First, Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth Initiative works to increase:


  • - knowledge about gang involvement, youth violence, and substance use: KNOW means NO
  • - positive connections to peers, adults, schools and communities: Connection IS Prevention
  • - school and community youth engagement with opportunities for meaningful participation and        collaboration: Programs for youth with youth
  • - resiliency within our youth, their families, and our communities
  • - personal and community safety: Safe Relationships, Safe Youth, Safe Communities


Second, we create positive social change across three dimensions:


1.  We Connect TO Inspire

The main goal of Yo Bro is to improve the well-being and self-worth of at-risk youth.  While developing strong relationships, we connect youth to their school, community, and helpful resources by building on their strengths and creating opportunities for them to feel safe, be heard, and have a sense of belonging.


2.  We Engage TO Learn

Through trust and credibility, we create and implement programs with youth involvement – committed to motivate and inspire vulnerable youth to stay in school. For youth involved in Yo Bro, school drop-out rates have been drastically reduced.


3.  We Develop TO Achieve

Yo Bro has formed working relationships with local school districts, police departments, and business leaders within the community.  As a result of our combined efforts, youth are able to grow up safely, graduate, and become successful, contributing members within our communities.


Third, we reach more at-risk youth every year:


                                                                         In School                              Out of School

Impact Metric                         2014-2015    2015-2016     2014-2015    2015-2016   

Youth Served                           300                              450                  150                     150

Yo Boy Programs                   16                                  24                    7                          10

Yo Girl Programs                    2                                    12                    N/A                      5

Schools                                        9                                     9                      6                           6

School Districts                       3                                     3                      2                          3

One to One Support              N/A                               N/A           100 hours           150 hours

School Presentations            50                                 75

Community Forums               10                                 15

South Asian Forums               5                                    8

First Nations Forums             4                                    8


Fourth, our programs are designed to achieve the following outcomes:


Social Responsibility:  increased positive behaviors and decreased negative behaviors; healthy connections to adults and peers; positively contributing members of society


Graduation and Post-Secondary Success:  completion of high school and a path towards post-secondary education or training for employment


Youth Empowerment – empowered to share their learnings and personal success as role

models and youth leaders


Yo Bro Yo Girl Youth Initiative has committed to gather data across its programs using the Youth and Program Strengths survey and a two-year study has begun in partnership with the UBC Faculty of Education. Survey results will be published in the summer of 2016.