Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative

Empowering Young Women

Empowering Young Women is a one-day seminar in women’s self-awareness, empowerment, and self-defense.  The emphasis is on environmental awareness and strategies to avoid dangerous situations.  Self-defense techniques that can be used in a crisis are taught by a certified instructor.  Activities are designed to identify personal strengths and challenges, perceive potential aggressive triggers and cues, and practice assertive communication to neutralize potentially violent situations without harm to yourself or others.

The physical techniques are a set of simple, easy to learn, but effective self- defense strategies. Since self-defense is over 70% psychological, it is important to consider strategies for practicing assertiveness, attention, awareness and avoidance of potentially threatening situations.

In this seminar you will:

  • Learn Concrete Self-Defense Tools (to be used as a last resort) that are simple, easy to learn, and whose execution allows “room for error” (i.e. doesn’t require precise execution to be effective).
  • Develop personal safety and awareness tips in day-to-day situations, including the four A’s-Attention, Awareness, Avoidance and Action!
  • Understand the importance of Boundary Setting Skills, including setting and maintaining boundaries, “seeing” and responding to danger, controlling one’s emotions, projecting confidence, assertiveness, and de-escalation skills.

No previous experience is necessary.