Future Leaders Consent and Direct Deposit Form

YBYG Future Leaders Program

At Yo Bro | Yo Girl Youth Initiative (YBYG), leadership is a key component of what we do. By utilizing a Youth Leadership model, YBYG provides program participants who have demonstrated strong leadership potential with the opportunity to become Leaders in their schools and communities. By supporting Youth Leaders with growth, goal setting, connecting to community, and pursuing their passions, YBYG not only helps set them up for success in the future, but provides them with a platform to give back and help others now.

YBYG Youth Leaders assist YBYG Program Facilitators with running group programs (both at their own school and at other locations) and participate in valuable training opportunities including Mental Health First Aid, Non-violent Communication, National Coaching Certification and more.

This year, YBYG is partnering with the United Way BC to run the Future Leaders program. If accepted into the Future Leaders program, in addition to the above program support and training, Youth Leaders will mentor and support younger participants, while gaining practical work experience and developing transferable skills that are key to employment. This program has an increased focus on career development, aiming to provide access and opportunity to the skills, job experience, and career networks needed for youth to succeed and thrive in their future careers. This is achieved by focusing on three critical areas:

  1. Helping youth gain new skills through training and workshops
  2. Helping youth gain work experience through paid and volunteer positions
  3. Helping youth grow their networks

Youth Leaders participating in the Future Leaders program are required to volunteer in a minimum of two YBYG programs per week. They will receive a monthly honorarium of $100 for their volunteerism and an additional honorarium of $50 for each additional training, workshop, or community event they attend with YBYG. Each Future Leader is estimated to attend an average of 5 events and workshops with YBYG.

If you have any questions, please contact Brenda Calendino at brenda@ybyg.ca.  


Accidents can result when people participate in activities and can occur with or without any fault on either the part of the participant, sponsoring organization, or its employees or agents, or the facility where the activity is taking place. By participating in this program, you are accepting the risk of an accident occurring, and agree that this program is suitable for you.

By signing the Consent, I:

  1. read and agreed that the activities are appropriate for me, and I can participate in the activities;
  2. represented to YBYG that I am medically fit to participate in the activities, and will not participate further if I feel anything to be unsafe;
  3. agreed that I will not attend the program if I am ill, including, but not limited to, symptoms associated with any respirator disease (e.g., the common cold, allergies or COVID-19);
  4. agreed that I shall pay any and all financial obligations, loss or claims for compensation that YBYG may suffer or incur in any way as a result of my participation in the activities;
  5. waived any and all legal rights that I may have now or in the future and release from liability and agree not to sue YBYG for any loss or damage that I may suffer as a result of my participation;
  6. recognized releasing YBYG from liability prevents me from claiming for money from YBYG;
  7. accept and assume all these risks and the consequences and freely choose to participate in the YBYG activities regardless;
  8. agreed that it is my responsibility to arrange insurance to cover any loss or damage I may suffer, or liability that may incur, as a result of my participation in YBYG activities;
  9. understood it is my right to obtain as much information as required about this program or activity and associated risks and hazards, including information beyond that provided to by the school or program;
  10. recognized that YBYG may wish to use participants’ photographs that demonstrate positive interactions, accomplishments, or achievements on its website or on promotional materials. Consent is required to use photographs and student names for publications that can be seen by the public;
  11. acknowledge that YBYG consents and written communication will be stored online. Once participants are in the YBYG program, communications will be conducted via phone, other online platforms or in person;
  12. acknowledged that YBYG preserves confidentiality of participants except when required by law or the individual’s safety;
  13. agree that the Future Leader participants will be assigned to volunteer at two programs per week;
  14. agree that Future Leader participants will receive a $100 honorarium per month for each month of volunteering an average of twice per week;
  15. agree that future leaders will participate in various YBYG workshops and training, and support YBYG at community and networking events;
  16. agree that future leaders will receive a $50 honorarium for each YBYG workshop, training, and community event they attend;

Direct Deposit Form from Royal Bank of Canada highlighting the bank transit number, institution number, and bank account number on the bottom.