300 March for Sobriety Ex-Hell’s Angel Speaks to Youth

SOMBA K’E/YELLOWKNIFE – About 300 students from five middle schools in Yellowknife marched in the annual Sober March on Monday to raise awareness about substance abuse. “Today is the start of National Addictions Awareness Week so to sort of highlight that, or bring that into focus, we’re having this public walk to celebrate sobriety and wellness and to bring awareness to drug and alcohol abuse, which is a negative thing,” said Derek Pluchinski, the community wellness program manager at the Tree of Peace Friendship Centre, which organized the event. “You can say ‘no’ to drugs and alcohol, and people who have gone down that path are on the road to recovery and we’re celebrating that as well and it’s just keeping that awareness to the community.” For the second time, the Tree of Peace has asked ex-Hell’s Angel Joe Calendino to give a presentation to the middle schoolers. “He was very well received last year and he was voted to come again this year to speak to youth,” said Pluchinski.